Alborn Township

6388 Highway 7 Alborn, MN 55702

    The Township of Alborn was the last of the four local townships to be established on September 5, 1900.  Alborn Township is a Township in Saint Louis County, Minnesota, United States.  

    The community of Alborn is located 29 miles northwest of Duluth at the junction of Saint Louis County Highway 7 and County Highway 47.  The Township has a total area of 35.2 square miles. 

    The unincorporated communities of Alborn Township includes Alborn and Prosit.  Alborn Township currently has 2 businesses, The Alborn Tavern and The Clip Joint Bar and Grill. There are six lakes in Alborn Township including Round Lake, Erie Lake, Crooked Lake, Maple Leaf Lake, Aerie Lake, and Muskrat Lake.  The Artichoke River also flows through the Township of Alborn.  There is one church, The Swan Lake Baptist Church, and one cemetery, Spruce Hill, located in Alborn Township. 

    The current population of Alborn is 463.  The Median income is $58,750 and the average age is 45.3.