Meeting Dates

Board of Supervisor Meetings


January 7th                              July 1st

February 4th                            August 5th

         March 4th                                September 9th

 April 1st                                   October 7th

   May 6th                                   November 4th

   June 3th                                  December 2nd

Annual Township Meeting

   The annual Township meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of March

St. Louis County Association of Townships

   Township officers from Alborn may attend regular meetings of St. Louis County Association of Townships.  Meetings are held monthly at 7:00 PM at various locations throughout the county from September through May.

2019 Meeting Minutes

Files coming soon.

Contact Us


Mandi Ellefson- Town Clerk                   218-591-7169


Ronda Bernard- Deputy Clerk               218-590-3020


Christine Wolvin - Treasurer                  218-345-6626


Township Maintenance

John Klassen - Maintenance             (218) 390-0324   

Sanitary Sewer District

John Wolvin - SSD Emergency & Maintenance

H 218-345-6626    C 612-718-2


Dale Larson                218-345-6510


(Road and Bridge)


Kurt Johnson - Supervisor           (218) 348-3206


(Community Center and Joint Powers)

Tarah Vitek - Supervisor     (218) 590-5772


(Sanitary Sewer District)